5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Clear Out Your Clutter

1. Have you used or worn it in 6 months? If the answer is no, consider donating it to a local charity. Storing or holding on to an item that is never used takes up space from things you’ll actually use.

2. Is it obsolete or outdated? Keeping VCR’s, Palm Pilots, or old Beany Babies could very well be holding you back from the organized, streamlined home that you desire.

3. Is it stained or broken? If an item has set stains or needs expensive repairs, parting with it will free you to pursue, new, fresh items to surround yourself with– things that you can actually use and enjoy.

4. Does it have sentimental or economic value to you? A borrowed, old, futon may be ready for retirement but your Grand Mother’s Stickley side table is definitely a keeper.

5. Do you have duplicates? If so, acknowledge that you can only use one at a time and consider donating or selling the other one.

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