5 Ways to Remodel Your Home On A Budget

Making changes in your home should not cost you a fortune. Being creative and observant can help you make updates that are not only stylish but also budget-friendly. The five steps below are tips that I use to help my clients save money on renovations and updates in their home:

1. Decide On A Budget Up Front
Avoid the “while we’re at it” mentality. Taking on unplanned projects will expand your renovation schedule and budget. Make a budget and stick to it.

2. Plan Your Project
Create a comprehensive plan before you begin any work on your remodel project. Changing things midstream or adding on forgotten items at the last minute will cost more time and money.

3. Figure Out What You Can Do Yourself
To cut down on costs, do many of your own renovations, such as painting.
Take on only what you can actually do and call a professional for the rest.

4. Rearrange Things in Your Home
Move things around from room to room and break-up furniture groupings. Changing what you have will give you a whole new perspective on your living space.

5. Keep Your Eyes Open
Scour consignment, thrift and second-hand shops for accessories and furniture. Many people are scaling-down and these shops are loaded with quality home furnishings that are in great shape and inexpensive.


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