Bringing It Home: Red, White & Blue

03 Jul Bringing It Home: Red, White & Blue

Patriotic colors seem to be everywhere this time of year as we are all preparing to celebrate July 4th. There is also plenty of exterior holiday decorating such as colorful bunting, flags, and using red white and blue in gardens and on porches.


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Discovering how people incorporate patriotic colors into and outside of their homes for the holiday is something that I just love. Americans seem to really connect with these three colors in and around their homes all throughout the year, too. I think that it is always a fresh, cheerful, color combination to use whether it is a very formal home or a relaxed beach or vacation home.

I have created rooms in my career as an Interior Designer using these colors and I never get enough of seeing pops of red along with different shades of blue being used in living spaces.



Going all out with a complete patriotic theme is not always necessary. Sometimes, just placing one large, feature in a bold color into a room can be all that you need. Or, just using accessories in red, white and blue as accents in your rooms can have a huge impact.

Try a few things in your home using patriotic colors– do not be afraid to do something that is unique and original and most of all, you.

Have a great Fourth of July Celebration!



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