Living for the Weekend

There are some people who work all week, cook, clean, go to meetings and seem to just go through the motions–like robots. Then, on the weekend, they come alive and are joyeous, excited and great fun to be with. When Monday arrives, they return to their usual dour, passionless selves. While anticipating the end of the week, they are missing out on the beauty of each day. A stunning sunset, a family of ducks or a cool breeze that can be thoroughly enjoyed–they completely miss it.

woman standing in the field

Many folks do the same thing with their homes. So many people have told me throughout my career as a designer “oh no, I am saving that to do in my dream home!” So, they live with white walls, low-quality furniture or clutter until the real thing comes along. News Alert! You are in your dream home now.

dining room slipcovered chair

We have all heard the phrase “live in the moment” but what does it really mean? It means that your awareness is completely centered on the here and now. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us and simply ignoring your current living space waiting for a “Dream House” to appear is akin to looking up at the stars at night but keeping your eyes closed.

 Instead, buy the furniture that you love now and enjoy using it–paint your walls colors that soothe you and make you feel good–buy that piano, chaise, professional grade stove, crystal chandelier–whatever it is that you are planning for later–do it now.

If your current dwelling does not make you feel good the moment that you walk in the door–then your house is simply that, your house–and not your home. Life is meant to be lived in a home that really reflects who you are and what you are passionate about.


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