On A Tight Budget? How to Use Bargain Finds to Design A Room

Several months ago, I was asked by a local, Christian-based company to create a prayer room in the workplace for their employees. It needed to be comfortable, non-denominational and most of all “very budget friendly.”

Well-aware of my love for rescuing and selling antique items, they also knew that I spend a lot of time hanging out at junk sales and thrift shops looking for the latest treasures.

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The plan was for me to incorporate some of these items into the space for their employees to keep costs down and to give the room a “homey” feel. The room had no windows so bringing in some of nature’s colors to warm and brighten the space was imperative.

I decided to paint the walls a soft tan, added in some colorful art & then picked up several classic, second-hand, furniture pieces to make the room really functional.



Adding some stenciled biblical phrases on the walls really made the room’s purpose evident and added a new dimension to the walls.


The finished room was a huge hit with both management and employees. They can now use it individually or gather in groups for bible study before or after working hours.

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I was able to stay well within the fixed, small, budget because the room was done entirely with my “finds” or what I like to call my “treasures.” New rooms don’t always require new things. Sometimes, gently-used items are just the things you need to make a space really work.

Patrice Munden





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